Explore the most charming corners of La Rioja with Neosens.

Neighbors Palacio Tondón and Neosens uncover a world of shared values right where they both took root and have blossomed: La Rioja.

Briñas and Quel, united: The future of these two ventures beams bright ahead, illuminating Rioja from one end to the other.

They’ve been mutual inspirations to each other since 2018, when Neosens launched a campaign at the Tondón estate. Even confined indoors, the innate values these brands share glisten, emblematic of endeavors with their own heart and soul.

Neosens is a dream come true stemming from the frank notion of a brand that evokes design, artisan craftsmanship and comfort in shoes made by human hand but inspired by the natural bounty of La Rioja: beauty, prestige, and fresh perspective.

Tondón is the spontaneous fruit of another dream that materialized in a stately sandstone palace built during the 16th century on the banks of the Ebro River. Overlooking the vineyards that gave them their name, its hotel, restaurant and winery are a complete, unique experience tucked away in a little village called Briñas.



Tradition is the defining quality honored by both enterprises, making their labors an ode to the region. The natural landscape of La Rioja—the romance of its breezes, sunlight, and vines—has inspired every detail in Neosens’ shoes. And speaking of vineyards, deep love for this land resonates with every step through Palacio Tondón’s terrace in exclusive yet traditional footwear, every sip of the winery’s libations and morsel from the restaurant, every inch of the estate itself. Indisputably, we are tradition.


We cannot sidestep the decidedly modern times in which we live. Both Neosens and Tondón infuse exactly the right proportion of innovation into their projects. And by no means is modernity incompatible with the elegance of yesteryear. The comfort we seek today should be available at every turn: in our shoes, in the food we eat, and during our resting hours. In the right place, wearing the right shoes.


Anything that is personalized becomes one-of-a-kind. The visitor who wears Neosens footwear as he or she visits Tondón is not just one more customer in comfortable, handcrafted shoes at a distinctive location with a view. We treat our clients as our exclusive guests and quality is an essential, defining aspect of our work. Walking tall, walking boldly.


Neosens and Tondón have each captured the essence of the earth beneath our feet.

We take care of you and our planet by using eco-friendly materials wherever we can and have committed to doing our part for our planet. Sustainability is not just in style. It’s a lifestyle.


We both believe that the people who make up our teams are the most important part of it all. Behind every action, every event, every creation in our collections and campaigns, as well as corporate occasions and weddings, there lies the warmth and quality of the human touch. The soul of a company resides in its people.

You can follow their trajectory on their website and Social Media Channels.

Looking forward to collaborating again!